Broad principles that drive content on this site:

  • Every month between 1 to 2 securities will be mentioned here, these are ideas an investor can use as a starting point for his research.
  • The intention here is not to provide detailed analysis for any of these securities, just a listing of potential upside and downsides along with a reasonable entry point.
  • The overriding aspiration here is to identify securities that are trading at or below intrinsic value.
  • The securities mentioned here may be issued by foreign companies and could therefore be illiquid.
  • Similar to ownership interests in a farmland, restaurant, or a car wash, common equities are to be approached as long term holdings (to be held for a decade or more).
  • I like to collect some of the “owner’s earnings” periodically — all the equities listed here pay a dividend, albeit it may be a small one.
  • Finally, it needs to be remembered that common equities are fractional ownership interests in a company, they are not mere ticker symbols whose price movements are to be traded upon.

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