Investment Philosophy is based upon the following guiding principles

  1. Common stocks are not just trading tickers, they represent fractional ownership interests in actual businesses.
  2. We believe in behaving like business owners when buying a stock.
  3. We are hoping to buy stocks below the actual their worth and hold on to it forever.
  4. We are biased towards dividend paying stocks.
  5. We believe in “taking some money off the table” i.e. some of the earnings of the company needs to be collected by owners of the company via dividends.
  6. Return-of-equity (RoE) is the favorite metric we use to measure potential investment ideas.
  7. We are not limited by geography. The ideas we list are both US based as well as from other countries. The tickers are however US market based.
  8. Although the primary focus of this site is common stocks, occasionally we will post about closed end funds (CEFs) and individual bonds.

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